The TRUTH Channel

The TRUTH Channel

The TRUTH Channel is digital TV channel broadcasting in the same frequency with UNTV  (617.143MHZ). 

The programs that are frequently shown are;

1. Itanong Mo Kay Soriano
2. Truth In Focus

Both Itanong mo kay Soriano and Truth In Focus are hosted by the Truthcaster Brother Eli Soriano (the most sensible preacher of our time) of the Ang Dating Daan TV program that is being aired for more than 37 years. 

Itanong Mo Kay Soriano... Biblia ang Sasagot is a program that expose the unbiblical beliefs of different religion not only in the Philippines but around the world. People's questions are being answered in a straight forward manner all coming from the Bible where Brother Eli read. Many people learn the truth in the Bible because of this program. 

The Truth Channel is only available in digital broadcast. If your television is not digital ready, you need to buy a digital set-up box like TV Plus and RCA Digibox. 

Please do watch The Truth Channel everyday. Be enlightened by the truth from the Bible.

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